Hobbies and Crafts: Making Your Own Toys

Key Benefits of Unfinished Wooden Toys to Retailers

by Tamara Taylor

The high demand for wooden toys has gradually led to tough competition among retailers. Therefore, strategic sourcing is the only way to maintain a competitive edge. One area you can capitalise on when ordering wooden toys wholesale is to insist on unfinished playthings. However, many retailers are unaware that wholesalers sell unfinished wooden toys. Here are the key benefits of buying unfinished wholesale wooden toys for your retail store.

Increased Demand for Unfinished Wooden Toys -- Parents and teachers understand that moulding a child's creative nature should start as early as possible. While finished wooden toys allow children to explore their imagination and creativity, unfinished toys take the possibilities to another level. For example, a child can explore their artistry by picking up an unpainted wooden toy. They can use watercolours and brushes to paint whatever they want on plain wooden toys. Similarly, a wooden toy car without details such as windows or headlights can also double up as a building or even a picnic table. Most importantly, unfinished wooden toys are in high demand since they take a child's creativity and imagination a notch higher.

Less Expensive -- Although manufacturing wooden toys might seem like a simple process, it is not. Toy manufacturers need to invest in different tools to produce details in wooden toys. For instance, a manufacturer might need to add windows, doors, and stairways to a woodblock when making a detailed skyscraper. Similarly, wooden toy manufacturers must invest in paint and various accessories to improve toy aesthetics. However, the resources cost manufacturers money, and the only way to make a profit is to pass the cost to wholesalers and, in turn, the retailer. Manufacturers save costs on tooling, paints and stains with unfinished wooden toys, meaning wholesalers and retailers buy the playthings at reduced prices.

Presents Business Opportunity for Novice Toy Makers -- Unfinished wooden toys offer an excellent opportunity for retailers who want to start their line of playthings. It is particularly the case for retailers that deal solely with toys as their core business. However, it is challenging and expensive for novice toy makers to find the necessary pieces to make a complete wooden toy. Therefore, by buying unfinished wooden toys in bulk, you can use the different pieces to design and create a new line of toys. You can then sell the unique toys for a profit and create a niche for your retail store.