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3 Custom Picture Framing Trends

by Tamara Taylor

Most homeowners think that only significant features, such as chandeliers, unique tables, wall colour, plants and furniture arrangements, count in interior design. While it is true, it is crucial to understand that a little creativity can also go a long way in enhancing interior design. The right picture frames can transform your house's aesthetics. As with other interior design media, picture-framing trends evolve, and it is essential to keep up. Here are custom picture framing trends to watch out for. 

Shadow Box Frames

Filling intimate spaces with character is gaining popularity as far as interior design goes. Three-dimensional items are particularly becoming popular, and what better way to display them than with shadow boxes. Shadowbox framing is an excellent option for displaying pictures or any statement pieces. Therefore, if you are thinking of framing your guitar or family heirloom, think no further than a shadow box frame. The best thing about custom box framing is that it adds an element of depth to your walls, especially if you want to give your home a unique character.  

Clear Framing

The elegance of clear picture frames has made it a popular framing trend today. It is considered the perfect framing option for art prints, allowing you to achieve harmony in a room without being too overpowering. You can choose clear frames with either brass, gold or silver fixtures for added elegance. Clear frames can be made from either glass or acrylic material. However, it makes them exceptionally pricey; therefore, you should only use them for smaller pieces of art if you are on a budget. That said, you can get value for money for larger works by framing several pictures in a single clear frame.  

Leather Picture Frames

For a long time, wooden and metallic frames have flooded the framing industry. However, the frames do not do specific pieces of artwork justice, which is where leather framing comes in. A leather frame has various advantages, with the first being its vintage look. If you have old photos, such as your grandparents' wedding photos, etched leather framing would be the ideal choice. The reason is that no other material captures the essence of a bygone era better than leather. Secondly, leather framing looks stunning in a rustic log cabin or a studio apartment in the city. Lastly, leather framing brings an element of raw nature into your home, primarily if used as a backdrop of display objects, such as a feather or flower.